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Boston Divorce and Child Support Attorneys

A divorce impacts every aspect of life. A knowledgeable attorney can help to protect your financial well-being and provide you with insightful legal guidance for structuring personal relationships with your children. At Maiona & Maiona, P.C., we provide experienced legal representation for clients investigating legal options for a divorce, or who are looking to modify existing divorces in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and neighboring areas of Boston.

Boston Divorce and Child Support Lawyers

We know how challenging issues of divorce can be for our clients. From the start of each case, we take the time to thoroughly understand the details that make every divorce distinct. Our attorneys are skilled at handling every legal aspect of divorce, and we form a business partnership with a client to clearly identify viable legal options. We have more than 15 years of experience handling divorce cases involving a variety of issues, including complex community property division and alimony.

Divorce cases involving children can be even more contentious, often including issues of custody, visitation and support. In many divorce cases, these issues become intertwined. As experienced child custody lawyers, we realize that arrangements made during an original divorce decree often require changes in the future.

Counsel for Alimony Law Changes

Recent changes in the law regarding alimony and spousal support can have an effect on an existing, pending or future divorce. As a law firm dedicated to divorce representation, we always keep informed of new legal developments and how our clients can be impacted by changes in the law. We strive to form long-term business partnerships with our clients and serve as advocates for any changes that may be needed for a divorce settlement.

Wellesley Divorce Mediation Lawyers

If you are considering the options available for a divorce or need to modify an existing divorce, contact us. Please call 781-236-3995 or send us an e-mail to schedule an initial consultation with a qualified lawyer.


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