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Wellesley Child Custody and Visitation Attorneys

The experienced lawyers at Maiona & Maiona, P.C., provide legal representation for clients with child custody and visitation issues in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and neighboring areas of Boston. From our 15-plus years of experience helping clients with divorce issues, we know that issues involving children are often the most challenging for our clients. We have the insight to effectively resolve child custody and visitation issues in a manner that protects our clients' rights.

Boston Area Child Custody and Visitation Lawyers

We provide the legal guidance required to establish parenting plans and the custody arrangements that they contain. Massachusetts has two forms of child custody, and they are:

  • Legal custody — Typically, both parents have a part in a shared or joint arrangement that includes the responsibility of making major life decisions for their child's medical care, education and religion. Sole legal custody is rarely granted but can result from a restraining order, substance abuse or complete collapse of communication between parents.
  • Physical custody — Usually, a child has a primary residence with just one parent who can be either the mother or the father. Occasionally, parents will equally share in the physical custody of a child. A visitation schedule is established to give the parent without physical custody the right to see the child.

Parenting Plan and Visitation Agreements

A parenting plan or visitation schedule is a court-ordered agreement that establishes when a child visits each parent for times that include weekends, evenings, holidays and summer breaks. Our experienced attorneys are skilled at creating visitation agreements that are practical and workable.

We recognize the day-to-day implications that child custody or visitation has on the entire family. It is our goal to efficiently resolve every child custody and visitation case while protecting clients' rights.

Wellesley Custody Dispute Lawyers

If you would like to discuss a child custody or visitation issue with one of our qualified lawyers, contact us. Please call 781-236-3995 or send us an e-mail to schedule an initial consultation.


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